heyyyyy could you add a source for that blues clues / adv time crossover as not-a-comedian?? she did the original art :)

Yes totally! I feel awful that it blew up on my blog x(
It was like my first post on Tumblr; I didn’t understand how it worked. I wasn’t trying to steal content or anything. I posted it like more than a year ago, and just a couple months ago someone found it and engulfed my dash in it xD



if she flinches when you go to put your arm around her … someone else’s hand wasn’t so sweet … if she questions you … someone else has lied to her … if she doesn’t tell you things … someone else once betrayed her secrets … behind every cranky, complicated girl or girl who is scared to love is … a girl who is tired of being broken.

or she just doesn’t want to be touched by your cheese doodle dust incrusted hand….. the ufck 

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Tapirs are primitive animals that have remained unchanged for millions of years. Fossils of tapir ancestors have been found on every continent except Antarctica. Closest relatives of tapirs are horses and rhinos.

Its nose and upper lip are combined into a flexible snout that the animal uses to reach and pull food into its mouth. Tapirs are nocturnal animals that like to spend a lot of time in the water. They can stay under the water for several minutes. In fact, when frightened, tapirs hide in the water and breathe with their snout poked above the surface like a snorkel!